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November 28, 2017
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It’s about to be some of the best crabbing of the year

crabbing oregon coast

Lewis and Clark Guide Service

crabbing oregon coast

I know, this is a real estate website right?!    Well to me this is much more then a career and a job. I believe everything you do should be because a part of you absolutely loves it.  So, I do bring my life into my work, and I do become great friends with my clients, and yes, I talk about fishing and our #oregoncoastlife.

The Oregon Coast has so much to offer for recreation, but some of our families favorites are the crabbing, fishing and memories we as a family enjoy on the coast. My husband is a local Fishing Guide and we absolutely love the Fall and Winter for the crabbing.  The Ocean Crabbing season closes from around mid October to the End of November.   December is typically a great month for us as the Ocean season finally opens again and we can feast on butter and crab to our hearts content.

Need any crabbing tips or a fishing expedition? Give me a call and I can make sure you have the time of your life.   Welcome to the Oregon Coast.


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