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Christmas Nostalgia

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

This year I have been remembering when I was young, my mother and I would deliver May Day flowers with a knock and a dash at our neighbor’s houses on May 1st. The Summers were full of kids running through sprinklers, and bicycles taking over the streets. Finding your child was a game of asking a few neighbors, “have you seen Catherine?” and there was no fear when it took a few tries. On Halloween, the kids ran around as their own gang, parents nowhere to be seen. Thanksgiving was a day that the whole family cooked a meal together, and music played throughout the house. Christmas was much the same, I remember knocking on peoples doors with a group of loved ones and we would all start to sing some Christmas carol at the top of our lungs. People loved it.

This year, I missed an opportunity to go caroling with a group of Rotarians. I didn’t realize how much I had really wanted to go until I missed it. This Christmas Season I have been wishing I could go back in time for just a few moments of those little things that I miss from my childhood, Caroling apparently is one of them.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised when visiting the Tillamook library, to see a sign up “Gingerbread Decorating and Caroling tonight” I got a smile right away. So yes, we went, Easton decorated cookies, and I got to belt out carols as loud as I wanted, with a group of people loving the same nostalgia as I.

This Christmas, I hope that you all get to enjoy a little nostalgia and a lot of love.

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